Our game for the Global Game Jam 2019 (made in less than 48hours and fixed a bit afterwards).

Play as Dominique, an overwhelmed parent, and try to save the house from entropy and mayhem the longest you can ! Then try again and beat your score !!

Click on the events in the house and win the mini-game with multiple one active for more score, or let it go and get closer to the maximal ENTROPY : end of the game ! Risky decisions shall be rewarded. The rest of the controls are indicated in game. Make sure to play with the sound enabled :)

P.S. : you may need more than 2 arms ;) (solo parenting is hard, that means it is actually a lot of fun when you play it as 2 on the same keyboard)


Game designers and developpers : Pyrofoux, Guillaume GROSSE, HugzFnr

Music and sound designer : Roxane Pilot

2D Lead Artist : Mael NUBLAT


Code : mainly Javascript using Visual Studio Code and testing on Mozilla Firefox

The source code is in the .zip archive above.

Graphics : Photoshop and

Audio : Garageband

If you struggle to understand how to play the game (shame on us!) then the video can be helpful, it's a short gameplay commented in french but soon will be subtitled in english :)

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